Sacred Heart University building two new residence halls

Construction is under way for two additional residence halls that will make up the residence village on Sacred Heart University’s Upper Quad — formerly the site of Jewish Senior Services. The first of what is anticipated to be six halls — housing more than 900 students — opened early this year. It is named after Pierre Toussaint, a freed slave who became a noted philanthropist.

The two halls under construction will offer a combination of apartments and suites, each housing four or five students. They are expected to open in the fall of 2019.

The apartments will include living rooms, kitchens and bathrooms, in addition to the bedrooms. Mike Kinney, senior vice president for Finance & Administration at SHU, describes the buildings as state-of-the-art. “In addition to the modern and spacious suites and apartments, the halls will offer study spaces and lounge areas for the students,” he said.

“We anticipate the Upper Quad will eventually include a new dining facility, in addition to its close proximity to Linda’s and JP’s Diner,” Kinney noted. “These housing facilities are also conveniently located next to the new Bobby Valentine Athletic Center, which is currently under construction and will be open to all students.” Kinney even predicts that eventually there will be retail businesses on campus—something that students have often requested.

“With the addition of the Upper Quad, we will be able to offer more students the option of on-campus living, which adds to their experience and helps them to assimilate to college life more easily,” Kinney said.